The OS/2 newsgroup killer

I know, one shouldn’t read OS/2 newsgroups anymore, especially not c.o.o.m. But recently I digged in there for some reasons and for sure I found some posts as well from our good old friend Timmy:

The WPS is OS/2 code and if it is going to be integrated into a
native OS/2 version of Open Office for OS/2 version 2.0 then
IBM would have to give their ok to do so.  You can’t steal IBM’s
OS/2 code, we all know that.  Wait, maybe you are saying this
SSI place has an agreement with IBM to steal the WPS OS/2
source code and use it, is that what you are saying?

We all know that he smoked a bit too much crack but that really beats a lot he posted already. Can someone please turn this guy off? Thanks.