There is no spoon ™

As a rather paranoid person I don't feel too well exposing my life on services like Facebook with terms of use that are far beyond good and evil. So on this site you will find a few words about myself.

One day I will probably also add a CSS to this site :)

Me, myself and ...

My name is Adrian Gschwend and I live in the beautiful city of Biel/Bienne in Switzerland. I'm probably best known for being the founder of started as a open source project for the IBM OS/2 operating system. This was about the only operating system out there, which got the desktop (aka the WPS) right.

Nowadays I mainly use MacOS as my desktop operating system, which sucks the least of all the systems I tried since the glorious OS/2 days.

Currently I spend a lot of time for an upcoming project of, formerly known as The Voyager Project. Right now there is no public information available that resembles the idea, that will hopefully change soon. Don't search for it as all information you will find no longer represents the current state of the project. I'm very excited about our work in the past months and I'm looking forward to give some more information about the project to the public.

If you are curious about my work experience you might check out my profile at LinkedIn (one of the few Web 2.0 sites of which I participate).

Besides spending time in front of computers I am very interested in politics and history, all around the world. I usually read quite a lot about a country before or during I visit it and I love talking about it with local people. I would consider myself as left wing in politics, I never understood how this whole capitalism thing was supposed to work and I'm glad to see that it actually doesn't. However, I'm young enough to not believe in classical socialism or communism, I believe that we have to move on and find new ways that will work for more people in this world.

Since The KLF got me into electronic music at the end of the 80ies I'm also completely lost in music. I started with the early rave scene in Switzerland and envolved with Trip Hop, BigBeat and much more energetic music into Goa and Psytrance, which is without a doubt the style I listen to the most the past years. You will still find me dancing on raves on a regular base and from time to time I also still organize raves myself, mainly as an excuse to play old tracks and have fun with old friends.

I am usually quite humorous unless someone is really pissing me off. Fortunately I have a very good circle of friends so I'm usually quite in a good mood :)